Top Field Mixers and Recorders

If you’ve ever wondered what field mixers and recorders other location sound crews are using around the world, here are the latest results from our January 2016 poll. Top field mixers and recorders in our recent poll The majority of sound mixers are using gear from Sound Devices. They offer a wide range of mixers and mixers with integrated recorders from 2-tracks to 64 tracks and more. The second most used brand of mixers and recorders from our poll were from the Zoom Corporation.  Their new F8 8-input/10-track recorder is gaining popularity with its affordability and functions.  Then the H6 down to the H4n are being used as field recording alternatives.

TascamSQN, and Shure, were the third most often used mixers and/or recorders with Fostex, and Marantz, rounding out the list.

NOTE:  After we published these results, there were a number of people that felt many brands were not accurately represented.  We based the results on those that actually responded to the post.  The additional brands were Zaxcom, Aaton who makes the Cantar, Sonosax, Nagra, and Wendt. If we missed your favorite mixer or integrated mixer/recorder, send us your comments and recommendations and we’ll pass it on to our readers.

Results are based on responses to our poll during the period 12/15 – 1/16.  Those that participated were from the US, UK, Russia, Middle East, Australia, Africa, Mexico and South America.

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