Protecting Your Hearing

How Loud Is Too Loud?
Protecting Your Hearing

Even if your job doesn’t require critical listening like an audio engineer, it’s extremely important to take care of your hearing. For those of us in the audio industry who need our hearing to make a living, it’s imperative to care for it.

earbuds in an ear
Keep volume low when wearing earbuds

I’m not an ear doctor but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.  Actually, I didn’t but I have seen their commercials on TV.  They explained that everyone is born with a limited number of sensory hearing cells in their ears.  As we age, these nerves gradually die off.  You’ve probably noticed every now and then that little “ping” sound and then the ringing in your ears.  It slowly appears to return to normal.  Congratulations, you just lost some hearing! Once these sensory cells are gone, they do not grow back and ultimately we notice it as hearing loss. It’s just a fact of life. Continue reading “Protecting Your Hearing”

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