060 Paul Buscemi, CAS – Production Sound Mixer based out of Los Angeles and Southern California

Paul Buscemi, CAS, is a production sound mixer based out of Los Angeles, California. He works on television, documentary, commercial and new media. Paul uses a Sound Devices 633 mixer/recorder and a Sound Devices 688 on his cart, Lectrosonics wireless SMB and SMQV transmitters, 411 receivers and SRb receivers, Sanken COS-11 lav mics, Comtek IFBs, Lectrsonics 400a transmitters for camera hops and Lectrosonics LR receivers, Schoeps CMIT shotgun mic, Sennheiser MKH-50 and MKH-416 shotgun mics as well. Paul has built a hybrid sound cart based on the Zuca cart holding his Sound Devices 688 mixer/recorder with the CL-12 fader panel. He also uses the Denecke JB-1 and Tentacle Sync for time code. http://buscemiarts.com/

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